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This mural is the latest installment in an ongoing collaborative project with me old friend Drew Liverman.  Drew and I have been working collaboratively for well over a decade now, and have been working under the duo title Young Sons for a few years now. This is our third mural.  It was painted over the course of a week last month on the outside of a dilapidated commercial space in downtown Austin, TX, 8th and Congress to be exact.  The mural will be up for around a year.  The building, a leaky old concrete box, is supposed to be torn down and replaced with something a lot taller.  In the meantime, Nelsen Partners, the rad dad owner/developers of the site, have been cool enough to let Co-Lab Projects use the building as an interim gallery space while their new spot up north is being built out.  Ours was the first show to go up in Co-Lab’s interim space, mostly newer work Drew and I have been making in the last year, collagey stuff, kind of throw back junk funk.

Painting the mural was good.  It’s always good to do it different.  We never wound up deciding on anything to work off, so we just went no plan, no plot, no ideas, one mark after the last.  The only clear objective was to do something subversive, something non-muralish.  In the end, starting a 120 by 20 foot mural without a plan was plenty subversive.  Everybody thinks artists should put themselves in trouble, but very few actually attempt it anymore, especially in public.  Showing up every morning to confront this wall, this monster day after day, without a pictorial scheme to fall back on, it was some weird shit, a dangerous space, the city disappearing below us, as we floated to and fro on the roving man lift, our hands crusted over with glue and color, rolling, tearing, pasting.  It took at least four days to see any logic in the thing at all.  An entire day was spent just rubbing and dripping the wall, a steady drizzle aiding, even forcing our hand.  Hopefully, some of the struggles and discoveries of making the thing are relatable to passerby, the rushers by, the officers of offices, the pubic public.  We actually had great interactions with onlookers, how could you not, it’s Austin.  Everybody’s happy to be there.



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