While going about my daily operations this morning, I started to think about a generalized design philosophy related to three P’s.  Maybe I’ll call it 3DP.

The 3 P’s of D are as follows:


If one can’t conceive of an idea alone, nothing is to be gained otherwise through design.  These days, people want to have a design meeting before anyone has investigated the situation alone.  The false idea that iterations are sure markers of progress, has run so far out of control, that the new model for designing includes the initial team meeting as an iterative roundtable, instead of an opportunity to share personal motivations.


Design must be progressive.  Anything that starts from a place of homage, will not only never live up to the well intentioned hopes that the past is recoverable, but will always reek with the sense of loss that comes from witnessing our inability to free the mechanics and structures of the past from the politics and physicality of their conception.  Design must be charged with the newness and frankness of needs reborn.


As our main form of nonlinguistic communication, design must always be pointed outward, towards each other in celebration of our grand mysterious relationship.  Save your quiet murmurings for the darkness of night, dreams are no place to dwell together.  Design is the language of daylight and the shared meal, the clear path we must walk together, amongst the realities of the fresh world.


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